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Frequently Asked Questions

Investing in a roof can be a confusing process. We want to help you simplify that process.

We understand that affordable roofing solutions are important, our partner Hearth has teamed up with us to provide affordable, easy roof financing. After all, you need a roof, we want to make sure a wide range of customers can afford a roof from us.

Most residential roofing systems can last up to 20 years before they need to be replaced. Some leaks may require a simple repair while some leaks or damages can be cause for a full scale repair.

Roofing prices can vary widely based on your home’s specifications and size, however the average cost of a roof in the United States is upwards of $6,500. Keep in mind, if your home is smaller or larger than the average home this will vary greatly. The best thing you can do is call us at 269-244-4379 to get a free quote, it can’t hurt.

On average a residential roofing project will take around 1-4 days of full work. Commercial roofing projects can last up to a month or more before they are complete. Plan accordingly.