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How to Choose the Right Roof Color!

Color can play a huge role when it comes to curb appeal, energy efficiency, and not to mention the way you feel about your home. Choosing the right materials and colors shouldn’t be overlooked that’s why we made a guide to help you select the right color for your home.

1. How to Match Your Siding with Your Roof

When you’re going out on the town for a special night you make it a point to look in the mirror to make sure you match. You should make it a point to match your roof with the other features and colors on your home’s exterior as well. Try choosing colors that complement each other well. We found some great examples on

2. Matching Your Environment and Climate

Some colors look good with vegetation while others look good in the snow or gloomy areas. Keep in mind what the weather will be like a majority of the time where you’re building your home. If it’s usually gloomy it might not hurt to add a splash of color to brighten up your home. We provide the Kalamazoo, Michigan area with roofing services and in our area, it can get quite cloudy.

Take a look at this cloudiness map we found on Brian B.’s Climate Blog, it might be helpful when you’re deciding what colors work well with your area.

3. Energy Efficiency and Practical Use

When you are picking roof colors, you should identify the roof colors that are energy efficient since they will help you reduce energy costs, especially if you are building will have several rooms. Different roof colors are energy efficient while others are not. For example, light roof colors will insulate your home and will help you in reducing the energy costs while the dark roof colors are not energy efficiency. Keep in mind however that a dark roof will work against snow in the winter, helping it melt faster as it lands on your roof. Weigh out your options.

4. Working With Experts… They’ve Seen a Thing or Two!

It’s important to find a company that’s had experience in roofing and roofing materials. That’s why we recommend if you’re building a new home or re-doing your roof, you reach out to us at Thompson Home Improvement for consultative help.

When it comes to materials we’ve had a lot of luck working with CertainTeed for our roofing projects. They have a robust catalog of shingles and roofing materials for residential homes. They also have a content library for homeowners to learn more about their roofing projects.

5. How to Make The Decision

This is a big decision you’re making. Work with your roofing company and materials company to collaborate and make this decision. We recommend you take some time to think about this. Putting a roof on your house is kind of like getting a tattoo. Not quite as extreme, but it can be an expensive and long-lasting endeavor. Be sure you select a color scheme and style that you’ll be proud of. Also consider resale value, even though you’re not thinking about selling your home yet, it could most certainly happen in the future.