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Why You Should Start Your Next Home Improvement Project Sooner Than Later…

Have you been holding off on one or all of your big home exterior projects? Did you know that in the first 2 quarters of 2018 there were as much as 18%-20% increases implemented on material in the building industry?  Did you know that there could be as much as another 20%-30% increase just on materials alone by this time next year? Its difficult pill to swallow! We all know that roofing, siding & window projects can be some of the most expensive home projects to tackle without considering market inflations.

The building industry has had a slow recovery since there was a dip in the economy, but now material corporations, suppliers and insurance companys want to recover what they lost.  Which means consumers and contractors are going to absorb the rising costs of material and labor in the building industry. Here at Thompson Home Improvement we have made it a priority to try to keep costs as low as possible and maintain consistent and fair pricing throughout the year for our valued customers.  However it should be considered, no matter when or whom you choose to take on your project, it’s inevitable; the longer you wait to tackle your project, the more expensive it is going to be!

Things to consider when making a decision about a roofing, siding or window project.  Is your home currently being exposed to near future or current damage due to water infiltration or air infiltration? If the answer to this is yes then that means you are only facing even further expenses to repair the damage being caused by putting off the larger project. Are you paying higher costs for energy because your roof isn’t properly insulated or ventilated? Or because your windows are old and need replaced.  Oftentimes you will find that the savings you foster in your home can help justify the expense of these projects.

When it comes to your home its all an investment! Researchers show that having a new roof, windows or siding can increase the value of your home by as much as 30%. Here at Thompson Home Improvement we are happy to provide our clients with the information they deserve to make an educated decision, every day we run into customers that think they are ready for a new roof or new siding, we always give a fair and honest evaluation. If your home isn’t ready we aren’t going to sell you something that you don’t need. Please feel free to submit a request for a free estimate, we will come out and evaluate.  Thank you for stopping by Thompson Home Improvement.  “Roofing and more since 1984” We look forward to having our family serve your family in all projects, big and small.